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Sunday, 23 August 2015

User Of Oracle

Hi Friends, howz all. today  i am going to talk about users of oracle and some important terminology. let's see here.                

what is Scheema?
Scheema means users. A user in Oracle database is known as scheema an object that is created by scheemma is called scheema object. Scheema objects are like table, views, Indexes, synonyms and more.

How to connect Oracle server using client?
To connect oracle Server or database we need to open oracle client tool. lets see step by step guidence to connect oracle server.
step1 Open client(Sql*plus)
step2 Enter username
step3 Enter password
Step4 Enter DB name thet starts with @ symbol.

Note; DB name is also known as host string, Service name, SID and service ID.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sql language and their sub languages

Hi friends, here we come with some new topics that is based on Sql language.

Oracle is s software and their functionality is disscussed in older post. To work with Database we need a client to send request and accept responce. And to communicate with oracle server we need a language and that language is called SQL. SQL is initially developed by IBM and their name was SEQUEL.

SQL is structured Query Language. User communicates with oracle server by sending command and instruction , that instruction and command is called Query. A query is a command and instruction submitted to oracle server to perform operation on database.

Data base and oracle overview

Hi friends, this is sunny kumar.............

we have already discussed about database and oracle, but we have lefted some topics. now m going to covering all that topics here. thiis post is something like Backup post that related to older post.

Database: A database is a collection of interrelated data and typically stored in disk. A databsae has different types that is give here.

HDBMS 1970s
RDBMS 1980s
ORDBMS 1990s

This level shows that innovation of Database in mannerd way.

* HDBMS and NDBMS is an outdated system that is not in use yet. Evey organization adopted RDBMS concept.

What is RDBMS ?
RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management. In RDBMS Data organized in table format. Dr. E.F CODD introduced RDBMS concept.he is also known as father of RDBMS. He purposed 12 rules. these rules is known as CODD rules. A DBMS satisfies all CODD rules is called pure RDBMS, but no one satisfies all CODD rules. Oracle satisfies highly 11 1/2.

Friday, 14 August 2015

OLTP and OLAP Concept

OLTP and OLAP is two different types of database. both have different function but they works on data. Actually these are designed to simplify works. First OLTP has been introduced then OLAP comes in industry. lets see first on OLTP

OLTP stands for Online Transactional Process. It works on current data like insert, delete, update and manipulate. Every organization uses OLTP to stores customers, employee and product information. When we talk about shopping mall product puchase report, billing report, customer report also stored in OLTP database. OLTP is major part of any organization. As i told earlier, it works only on current data and has facility to makes some changes on data.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Oracle Architecture

Hi friend,
This is sunny kumar  and today m going to discuss about oracle and its basic things.

Oracle is a DBMS software that is used to manage database. DBMS stand for Database management Software. there are various DBMS software that is used to manage Database. now we need to know about database and what database stores. Actually database ia storage point where you store your data like hard disk but it is not equal to hard disk. And to store data on database we required database software to intract database. in case computer we need an operating system to intract with computer hardware beacuse operating system is set od software program thats work on low level. same here to intract with database we need a DBMS software loke Oracle to intract and work on them.

Now the point is which type of operation performed on database. There are different type of operation like 
C-Create operation
R- read operation
U- Update operation
D- Delete operation

Monday, 10 August 2015

Oracle Fundamental

Oracle is relational database management system software and also supports features of ORDBMS. Actually Oracle is a brand and company that provide following features like:

OS- Operating System
ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
DWH- Data Ware Housing

Now, Let’s Discuss DB(Database) in details:
  • DB (Database)- Oracle database is available in various version and various editions.
             versions of Oracle:-
             oracle 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8i,9i,10g,11g and 12c.