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Friday, 14 August 2015

OLTP and OLAP Concept

OLTP and OLAP is two different types of database. both have different function but they works on data. Actually these are designed to simplify works. First OLTP has been introduced then OLAP comes in industry. lets see first on OLTP

OLTP stands for Online Transactional Process. It works on current data like insert, delete, update and manipulate. Every organization uses OLTP to stores customers, employee and product information. When we talk about shopping mall product puchase report, billing report, customer report also stored in OLTP database. OLTP is major part of any organization. As i told earlier, it works only on current data and has facility to makes some changes on data.

lets see an example: there is a ABC shopping mall. they sold their products daily and make transaction. they store which product has been sold, how many customer sold buy that product and more. these are stored in a server that is called OLTP Data.

OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. It is past data that is stored in data warehouse. Actually OLTP data becomes OLAP data when it stored in data warehouse. Actually Data warehouse is place where past data is used to analyze and generate report. Now almost every organization adopted this feature to check organization performance. This is very useful to determine whethere your organization is going to right direction or not.
let's see ann example: There is a ABC shopping mall that generates a report like, in privious month they sold 10 thousand products of LUX bar comparing to past month. these data is called analytical data and stored on OLAP.


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