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Oracle aDDa


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Oracle Architecture

Hi friend,
This is sunny kumar  and today m going to discuss about oracle and its basic things.

Oracle is a DBMS software that is used to manage database. DBMS stand for Database management Software. there are various DBMS software that is used to manage Database. now we need to know about database and what database stores. Actually database ia storage point where you store your data like hard disk but it is not equal to hard disk. And to store data on database we required database software to intract database. in case computer we need an operating system to intract with computer hardware beacuse operating system is set od software program thats work on low level. same here to intract with database we need a DBMS software loke Oracle to intract and work on them.

Now the point is which type of operation performed on database. There are different type of operation like 
C-Create operation
R- read operation
U- Update operation
D- Delete operation

As in present world almost database now become very famous and used in broad range. Every organization used it to keep information. there are various organization that use Database to store information like telecom company, educational organization, government organization, marketing company and almost everywhere DBMS software is used.

There are many freeware DBMS software is available, so why oracle become famous?
 the answer is Oracle supports various features that other DBMS software not provide. now we can see the features that is provided by Oracle...

Plateform Independent : supports major operating system available in market like windows, linux, unix, solaris and apple.

High Availability: 
High Reliable: 
High Scalable:

There are three user of Database.
Databse Designer:
They are responsible to design the database by studying E-R module and normilization techniques. we will talk about it on latter post. 

Database Developer: they responsible to develop Database application  when a design is completed. Adeveloper is responsible for 

  • creating table
  • creating views
  • creating indexes
  • creating procedures
  • creating function
  • creating package
  • creating triggers
  • writing queries

 we will also deal all these topics on latter slide.

Database Administrator:
Databse  Administrator  is very responsible and top role of Database. they works on network their job is not to design databse and develop database. they have some responsibilities like;

  • Installing Database
  • Creating Users
  • DB Backups
  • Restores DB
  • Exporting DB
  • Importing DB
  • Performance Tuning

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